Innovairre is the worldwide leader in fundraising, supporting agencies and nonprofit organizations.


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Innovairre supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations. We have more than 4,000 associates. We leverage insights from thousands of fundraising programs. We work on 5 continents. We’re pioneering data and digital for nonprofits. But only one thing matters: your success.

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Data & Digital

Innovairre is adapting leading-edge commercial techniques for nonprofit realities. We’ll gladly show you how to better leverage structured and unstructured data, sophisticated segmentation and modeling techniques and explain how our pioneering work in digital drives and enhances relevancy and response.

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Fundraising Software

To help nonprofits manage operations and constituent relationships more efficiently without the complexity and investments of traditional software, we offer Innovairre MC. Innovairre MC is a revolutionary, cloud-based, integrated platform that transforms the way nonprofits engage with donors. Leveraging data, MC helps non-profit organizations connect across channels and manage all aspects of operations from decisioning to deposits. MC is comprehensive in scope, yet shockingly easy to deploy and use.

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The “New Path to Prosperity” combines the tried and true with the latest and greatest. Innovairre is the nonprofit world’s #1 resource for premiums. Our experience reduces risk. Our clout provides value. Our data strategies can drive efficiency and effectiveness. Our passion is helping nonprofits help others.

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This year, we’ll donate up to 16,000 hours of our time and make several mission trips to support charities and causes we cherish.

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