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Recently, two groups of volunteers from Innovairre New Jersey had the extraordinary opportunity to volunteer at Mitzvah Circle Foundation, a Harlysville, PA-based nonprofit organization that serves individuals, families, schools, and community centers during times of crisis, poverty, homelessness, and serious illness.

“When you discover the magnitude of need, it is mindboggling,” says Fran Held, who founded Mitzvah Circle in 2000. “I hope you also wonder what you can do to ease the burden of people in need. That is what I think about – every single day. I believe together we can create a better world for all people.”

Mitzvah Circle provides a variety of services to help those in need, including Adopt-a-Class, Diaper Bank, Critical Needs Packages, Hats 4 Homeless, Homeless Outreach, and Food Projects. The goal of each project is to let people in crisis know that someone cares for them. With the help of volunteers, the organization has been able to serve thousands of people both locally and nationally.

Mitzvah Circle 2

A humbling and inspiring experience

I think I speak for all of us when I say that our trip to Mitzvah Circle Foundation was truly inspiring and humbling at the same time. Being around such an amazing group of people that have a great passion to volunteer and help those who are in need is a great feeling. We all left wanting to go back and see what else we could do to help this astounding foundation.

As volunteers, we learned and took into account the story behind the current situation of each family as we created packages to help them. Having this knowledge provided us with more insight in order to personalize each item chosen for them.  Not only are the items personally selected, but also every box that is sent out by Mitzvah Circle to a family in need contains a personal, handwritten note from the volunteers.

While we were at Mitzvah Circle, Fran shared stories with us about some of the individuals and families that the foundation has been able to help. When the foundation was first starting and her idea was just blossoming, she told us, she helped a man who at the time was homeless. He wanted so dearly to be able to pay her back for the assistance that she provided him. He used his skill to create the logo for Mitzvah Circle, a gift Held says the foundation will always treasure.

– Angela Biggs is the Human Resources Manager in the Pennsauken, NJ office of Innovairre Communications, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world. For more about the good work Innovairre does, contact us at