Data-Driven Solutions

Donor Targeting

Find the right donors
for your cause.

Many nonprofits are experiencing attrition every year. This is occurring while total direct mail prospecting names/lists are declining and postage costs are higher. To overcome these obstacles, we typically conduct a Master Donor File Audit, which provides a thorough statistical overview of all segments of your donor base.

With a Master Donor File Audit, you’ll find out how healthy your file metrics are and uncover even more revenue opportunities.

We can also use these insights to identify prospective donors. By using our integrated donor database system, you can take advantage of real-time reporting and detailed analysis of campaign activity and discover strong potential donors for growth and opportunity.

Some of the tools that help ensure your success include:

  • Masterfile Audits
  • Giving Analysis Profile (GAP) Reports
  • Donor Demographic Profile Reports
  • Data Modeling that includes:
    • Lapsed Donor Reactivation
    • Acquisition
    • Second Gift Conversion
    • Sustainer Conversion
    • Major Donors/Planned Giving Identification
    • Monthly Mobile Giving
    • Annual Giving

Donor Management & More

Technology that Connects.

Innovairre offers a proprietary, cutting-edge, holistic software management platform – a platform tailored to meet the unique needs of nonprofits.

Our solution, Innovairre MC, is not just a CRM system; it is a robust software solution, built on a social database framework that acts as the central nerve system for your operations.

Innovairre MC was designed with an intuitive user interface that’s easy to understand. Deployment is simple, either with a self-service or supported model. The system’s intelligence delivery is enhanced with a complete analytics toolset and superior data visualization. The functionality can handle everything from traditional cash and check-based donations to online interaction such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, and mobile engagement.

Think of Innovairre MC as Mission Control, and you’re the Master of Ceremonies.

Innovairre MC is…

  • Next-generation cloud-based software
  • Fully integrated
  • Real-time accessible
  • User-friendly
  • Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Built for easy analytics and reporting
  • Available on a self-service or supported basis

Innovairre MC includes…

  • Donor/CRM management
  • Community, advocacy and social media management
  • Event and auction management
  • Volunteer management
  • Grant management
  • Program and task management
  • Multichannel communications management
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Crowdfunding capabilities
  • Email targeting and delivery
  • Direct mail targeting and management
  • Mobile engagement and management
  • International fundraising
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Caging capabilities


Convert numbers to knowledge.

To help ensure you a higher net, our Master Donor File Audit provides data on response rates, ROI, long-term donor value, year-to-year comparisons, testing results and more. Then we offer deeper insight by using advanced analytics and instinctive fundraising know-how to identify strategies that will maximize your revenue growth.

Along with our purpose-built “Prosper” donor database, we offer many analytical and modeling techniques that enable RFM-based decision making.

We can use your numbers to exceed your expectations and drive higher net with:

  • Segmentation strategies
  • Predictive modeling
  • Non-responder file suppression
  • Data profiling

Personalization & Segmentation

Get personal.

It’s been said that the sweetest music to anyone’s ears is their own name. That’s a good principle to apply when attracting and keeping donors.

Innovairre offers the only all-digital, all-variable production platform for fundraising campaigns, including digital printing. Our high-efficiency technology unlocks fast, personalized communication with donors from the very start, paving the way for an extensive line of specialized, multichannel communications, from online efforts like email, QR codes, microsites, videos and mobile to offline strategies like letters, inserts and outside envelopes.

Here are some ways we get personal:

  • Welcome kits, second gift conversion packages
  • Innovative artwork and copy personalization
  • Real-pen technology for a handwritten approach
  • Targeted approaches for mid-level and high-value donors
  • Design and delivery of back-end premiums

Data Delivery & Execution

When it comes
to data, we deliver.

Accurate and continuously updated donor information is vital to creating better relationships with your donors. We feature innovative CRM, caging and data hygiene techniques to ensure your ability to communicate effectively with specific donors, thereby fostering an environment of goodwill and giving them the ultimate in personal attention.

State-of-the-art network infrastructure and airtight security protect your valuable data. Our system is built for operating under tight deadlines and quick turnaround times. And, with merge purge processing, duplicate mailings will be greatly minimized, which means saving not only excess printing and postage expense, but also potentially the relationship with your donor as well.

Multichannel Tracking

Channel your energy where it can do the most good.

From direct mail to email to social media, the range of channels you can choose for your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts is growing. That’s why we offer rigorous campaign tracking designed to cover all the different channels you may invest in.

Our experts have multichannel campaign tracking down to a science. They know each of your channels is different, whether it’s in cost, returns or donors. And with the inconsistency of today’s economy, they know how essential it is to track net revenue over all your efforts, because the more informed your business decisions become, the greater success – and greater net results – you’ll have in the long run.

Response Analysis & Campaign Refinement

Refine, refine, refine.

Our data analytics specialists will use the results gleaned from your campaign to refine your fundraising strategy for the future and improve response rates. This information will provide insightful detail and key metrics for activity related to delivery, response and performance that will enhance engagement with your audience.

The goal is simple, but powerful, and can be summed up in one word: Optimization. By continuously improving through testing, learning and strategy, your results will yield an ever-improving net and prepare you for what’s next in your fundraising strategy.