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According to Blackbaud’s annual Charitable Giving Report, overall donations in the United States grew by just 1.7% between 2011 and 20121. Perhaps the most startling insight to come from the Blackbaud report is hidden in the breakdown of growth by size of organization. Small non-profits demonstrated impressive year-over-year growth of 7.3%, but this was only 2.7% for medium-sized organizations and .3% for large non-profits.

Donations in the United States have been flat since 2008, and many fear that it will take years to return to pre-2008 levels. Organizations are taking stock of their acquisition and retention strategies to determine how their methods of communication can impact fundraising efforts. Most importantly, they are examining new strategies to break free of a prolonged giving slump that has existed since the beginning of the global economic recession.

There is no question that the communication landscape has become increasingly cluttered and fragmented by new media channels. Organizations understand that attracting the attention of prospects and donors has become more difficult. This whitepaper explores the ways in which non-profits can cost-effectively raise more money.

1 Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report, How Non-Profit Fundraising Performed in 2012

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– Don McKenzie is the President & Chief Growth Officer at Innovairre, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world. Don can be reached at