Innovairre Communications Expands its International Footprint by Forming a Strategic Partnership with IQR Consulting to Serve India

Entry into India, Innovairre’s 28th country, enables the company to leverage its proven fundraising solutions and support the urgent needs of the world’s second most populated nation.

PENNSAUKEN, NJ – March 24, 2015 – Innovairre Communications, a world leader in fundraising, formally announced a partnership with IQR Consulting, the 6-year-old data analytics/data services and marketing firm from Western India. The strategic partnership follows up on Innovairre’s commitment to growth by delivering new, advanced fundraising solutions.

Since forming Innovairre in December 2014, the company has introduced four new data/technology-driven products to the marketplace: Innovairre MC, a fully-integrated, cloud-based fundraising platform; Donor2, the marketplace’s first turnkey donor retention solution; Social Synchronization, a data-driven targeting solution that synchronizes offline marketing with social media activity; and e-Receipts, an omni-channel marketing automation solution that enhances donor engagement.

Beyond its commitment to data/technology-driven solutions, the partnership to enter the Indian market supports Innovairre’s commitment to international expansion. Don McKenzie, Innovairre President & CGO, stated, “The company has been methodical in our global expansion, starting with North America, expanding to Western Europe, and now we’re focused on emerging markets that have large, growing, philanthropically-minded middle-class populations and important social needs. Recently we entered Brazil, and that foray has been extremely successful. India, with its population of 1.3 billion and many important issues, was the next logical market for us.”

Rahul Nawab, CEO of IQR Consulting, indicated, “Innovairre’s fundraising expertise and comprehensive solution set is particularly well-matched with our evolving needs in India. We’re also confident IQR’s unmatched data and analytical strength in India will enable us to expand quickly, improving the lives of millions of Indians. We are overjoyed that Innovairre chose IQR Consulting as its strategic partner in India.”

Innovairre’s Indian entry is also part of Innovairre’s Asian expansion plans. The company has maintained a sophisticated manufacturing capability in China during the past 20 years, with three locations and one million sq. ft. of production, design, and service capabilities. Innovairre is also now exploring opportunities in other Asian markets.

About Innovairre Communications

Innovairre is the worldwide leader in fundraising, supporting agencies and nonprofit organizations. Innovairre services more than 500 charities, with 4000+ employees, working across five continents. Innovairre leverages a scientific marketing approach, including advanced data analytics and insights; progressive digital marketing; leading-edge technologies; a proven creative and testing methodology; and unsurpassed capabilities in direct mail development, digital printing, and premiums for the nonprofit sector. Innovairre also supports many leading commercial companies and has specialized expertise in the financial, insurance, healthcare, publishing, and retail categories. For more on Innovairre, visit Innovairre.com, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn @Innovairre.

About IQR Consulting

Established in 2009, IQR Consulting offers integrated, quality-driven solutions for its clients. The international company delivers real results through data analytics, product strategy, and reporting solutions to help clients obtain bottom-line results with a much-needed competitive edge. The analysts at IQR are experts in the use of segmentation as a means for highly targeted marketing. With accurate and actionable insights and analysis, IQR is helping credit unions, banks, and casinos leverage data assets to increase profitability and better compete against larger institutions. IQR’s rapidly-expanding client base includes Fortune 500 companies and is a testament to its success providing workable, strategic solutions to difficult problems. For more information, visit IQRdataanalytics.com, and follow us on Twitter @data_analysts.

Media Contacts:
Linda Glazer for Innovairre, lbglazer@innovairre.com, 443-812-8004
Kelly Moore for IQR, kelly@kellymooreconsulting.com, 515-720-9670