New software platform leverages dynamic data decisioning, marketing automation, and an open-architecture platform to quickly convert multichannel donations into efficient online engagement.

PENNSAUKEN, NJ – February 11, 2015 – Innovairre Communications, a world leader in fundraising, introduced Innovairre e-Receipts software technology today. The e-Receipts platform enables nonprofits to convert donor transactional and CRM data from any channel (including web, email, mobile, text, social, direct mail, events and call center) into a highly personalized email acknowledgement that links to a secure, personalized tax receipt. The technology is designed to provide a unified, but personal experience for donors, so nonprofits can simplify operations and increase donor engagement and subsequent gifting. Through marketing automation, the technology supports virtually unlimited “versions,” multiple languages, and trackable calls-to-action within an easy-to-use interface and workflow. Advanced data transformation and analytics capability are part of the product offering to help monitor and optimize fundraising effectiveness.

The cloud-based e-Receipts platform was designed to solve the issues of 1) Multiple donation processing systems providing varying acknowledgement experiences for donors, 2) Lack of speed and personalization in most tax receipting/acknowledgement processes, which reduces the potential for donor engagement and future contributions, and 3) Complications of multichannel engagement.

Matt Graham, Innovairre Chief Technology Officer, who led the development of e-Receipts, said, “Our research and experience show that the speed and relevance of post-donation messaging are strongly correlated with subsequent gifts and LTV. Although most nonprofits understand the need for urgent, personalized acknowledgements, most do not have access to the technology to execute effectively. Our new platform bridges the gap using technology and automation, and delivers unprecedented flexibility – evolving the traditional receipt process into a personal experience for the donor, and a flexible engagement platform for the nonprofit.”

In addition to email and SMS delivery of tax receipts, the platform is further unique by integrating with Innovairre’s print-on-demand platform for full color, variable direct mail. In the case of undeliverable email – commonly over 10% even for constituent files – Innovairre diverts alternate format PDFs with explanation letters to the digital presses for traditional print and mail. The digital print process facilitates continued brand integrity with color logos, highlight text, and imagery, while retaining efficiency for short runs, quick turn, and no inventory overhead. Coupling digital online with digital print creates an ideal environment for multichannel communications and preference management.

Don McKenzie, President and Chief Growth Officer of Innovairre, added, “Innovairre is committed to driving ongoing efficiency and effectiveness for nonprofits’ fundraising activities through the deployment of technology. We are proud that e-Receipts is one more innovative technology from Innovairre that can help our nonprofit partners, starting today.”

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