New marketing solution turns anonymous social media followers into enthusiastic donors by connecting display advertising, mobile messaging, personalized premiums, email marketing, and digital print/direct mail.

PENNSAUKEN, NJ – October 15, 2015 – Innovairre Communications, a world leader in fundraising, today introduced The Interconnect of Things, the company’s sixth breakthrough technology introduction of 2015. This new solution solves a myriad of challenges for nonprofits by combining the convenience of mobile, the influence of social media, and the appeal of personalized premiums, with the power and scale of data-driven digital     direct mail.

The solution starts by encouraging hard-to-convert social media followers (or other prospective donors) to provide their phone number, home address, and other important data through an appealing value exchange. The value exchange enables potential donors to quickly customize a free, cost-effective product premium in a matter of seconds, via an automated mobile/text-based process. Thereafter, the prospective donors receive data-driven messaging and the most cost-effective, proven premiums in the nonprofit sector to drive subsequent donations, leveraging the strategies that Innovairre has perfected.

According to Matt Graham, Chief Technology Officer at Innovairre, “Many nonprofits have successfully attracted social media followers but have been unsuccessful obtaining contact information, such as mailing or email address, or in converting these interested prospects into donors. We were determined to address this issue and invented The Interconnect of Things, combining the best techniques and technologies in digital/direct fundraising.”

Don McKenzie, President & Chief Growth Officer, added, “We are proud that our focus on the application of emerging technologies for nonprofits yielded another first-of-its-kind solution. Our nonprofit clients are overjoyed with this progress.”

Product demonstrations and explanations of this new solution are now available to leading nonprofits. Interested organizations should contact Innovairre directly.

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