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Another Great Innovairre Success Story

This is the story of Hank Patrick, who works in our Virginia facility. His story of success is wonderful! Please take a look. Mark Schulhof is Chief Executive Officer of Innovairre Communications, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations...

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Social SynchronizationFace Facts: Our
Mail Solution
Drives Results.

In the battle to improve multichannel fundraising success, nonprofits have a new weapon.

Social Synchronization, Innovairre’s proprietary solution, is a proven process that matches your donors’ home addresses to their Facebook pages. Then we serve up a proven Facebook ad at a time precisely coordinated with your direct mail drop. The Synchronization works.

This online/offline communication coordination helps donors better appreciate your appeal and increases direct mail response rates/funds raised as much as 20%, which more than covers the Facebook advertising and program costs.

In addition to raising more funds, social engagement levels also increase with Social Synchronization. As more donors “Like” your Facebook page, it enables you to communicate to more people in the future via organic (free) Facebook posts, which helps donor retention.

Fundraising Facts
Innovairre’s Social Synchronization:

  • Lifts donor mail response/funds raised up to 20%.
  • Engages donors on Facebook.
  • Enables future organic (free) Facebook posts, helping improve donor engagement and retention.

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Driving Donations for Nonprofits

This white paper—by Keypoint Intelligence / InfoTrends, one of the most respected global research firms in print & data-driven marketing—outlines how Innovairre’s technological investments, backed by solid business strategies, have transformed its operations and customer results. View whitepaper.

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"Innovairre has done great work for us. They are very reliable and professional, and I've worked with enough people to know how exceptional that is. The great work we do with kids is only possible because of great people like those at Innovairre who helped get our fund-raising mail out." - From a Senior vice president of a nonprofit charity...

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Innovairre Helps Organizations Prosper

At Innovairre, your cause is our cause, and we work with you every step of the way to help you meet and exceed your goals.

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