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Or benefit from them all. Follow the new path to properity below.

The new path to prosperity

Today, most nonprofits face numerous challenges. Tight budgets. Donor attrition. A shrinking prospect universe. Rising costs. Developing breakthrough creative. Little revenue from digital marketing.

Yet failure is not an option. Your cause is invariably depending on you.

A new path is required.

To help, Innovairre invested in the people and technology that have proven successful in the most competitive nonprofit and commercial circumstances.

Now our agency partners and nonprofits can better serve their communities by leveraging proven, progressive solutions that can take you from prospecting to prospering.

The new path to prosperity starts here

Step 1 Prepare Projections with Precision

Effective fundraising can be costly. But not fundraising well can cost more.

To better prosper, most nonprofits need greater predictability in the returns from their fundraising investments – so they better serve their communities.

Today's more precise projections often factor in enhanced use of progressive data strategies, cost-effective production measures, prudent digital approaches, breakthrough creative and leading-edge technologies – all to net more dollars and provide more support for your cause.

At Innovairre, we have experience supporting more than 500 domestic and international nonprofits. If needed, we can help guide your marketing investment strategies, so you can balance your short-term fundraising needs with your long-term sustainability requirements.

Step 2 Use Data Decisively

Every year for many nonprofits, donor attrition is rising while the direct mail prospect universe is falling... while donors are spending more time online but donating less... and while total operational costs are going up.

New strategies are demanded. Advanced data analytics is an essential part of The New Path to Prosperity.

If it is helpful, we will be happy to talk to you about how prospering nonprofits are leveraging the following to improve their relevance and results:

  • Acquisition models
  • Attrition models
  • Leveraging big data
  • Linking data to creative messaging and imagery
  • Sophisticated segmentation
  • Channel preference
  • Cadence
  • Data-driven ask arrays
  • Profiling and donor file audits

Step 3 Plan to Prosper

Many nonprofits are struggling to sustain direct mail results... frustrated with digital donations... and dabbling with social media with little success.

Therefore, The New Path to Prosperity often requires a rebalancing of communication investments. Low-performing activities are minimized. Dollars are redeployed based on advanced analytics and optimization.

If you would like, we will gladly tell you how some nonprofits are creating thoughtful annual plans that optimize individual activities and benefit from the synergistic effect of well-coordinated communications.

Step 4 Communicate Creatively

Commitment to causes and consistent contributions obviously depend on emotional engagement from donors.

Today, emotional engagement is substantiated by rigorous testing and a myriad of analytic techniques - and a growing net.

If you have questions in this regard, we can share some critical learnings from hundreds of communications tests we have conducted in the past two years. This should help you create fundraising and retention communications that can resonate effectively across direct mail, email, social, mobile, microsites, display advertising, events, volunteering, video and more.

Step 5 Resonate with Relevancy

The age of big data means that each fundraising communication can be more personalized and relevant – and in The New Path to Prosperity, relevancy is a requirement.

If you are curious, we will happily share how advanced data solutions in combination with 21st century technology – including leading-edge, one-to-one digital print capability – can create targeted messages that matter more to your prospects and donors.

Step 6 Mail & More

The New Path to Prosperity better balances direct mail investments (which remain essential for donor acquisition and reactivating lapsed donors) with highly relevant, engaging digital retention strategies.

If you are struggling to replace lost donors and haven't discovered an optimal investment balance between direct mail and digital, including social media, feel free to ask us. We will cordially share what we have discovered.

Step 7 Giving always Gets

Premiums can be costly. Some donors wonder why nonprofits spend on labels or pens or holiday cards. But the answer is simple. In The New Path to Prosperity, the tried and true techniques work. Premiums work magic. They stand out. They serve as wonderful reminders of your cause. But most importantly, they help you raise more money and pay for themselves many times over.

If you want to improve your net – and your community has important needs that must be met – we will gladly share our learnings regarding which premiums are trending now – and which tend to provide the highest yield year in and year out.

Step 8 Reap What You Sow

To state the obvious, efficient donation handling, response management and fiscal responsibility are more important than ever in today's new, challenging environment.

If you are having any issues in this regard, we will gladly share the approaches that we have found most successful.

Step 9 Iterate Incessantly

In The New Path to Prosperity, the end is always a new beginning. You leverage your victories. You learn from your defeats. You iterate endlessly. And your community benefits.

If you ever want to talk about fundraising improvement, iteration or anything else, just ask us.

The nonprofit world has many challenges. Innovairre is committed to serving our community and the causes we all support. We are here to help you and your organization improve so you net more dollars after all expenses and better service your community.

At Innovairre it's simple: Your Cause is Our Cause
One Company, with One Mission, to Inspire People, One by One

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