Ladder to Sky shutterstock_136776005What a joy it is to do what we do for a living!

At Innovairre, we work with more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world, assisting the most determined and passionate individuals with achieving their missions and finding success.

Each day begins with the same succinct goal: help our clients grow. How do we do it? While every nonprofit is different, one thing is constant: the rigor around testing and innovation with a fixation on driving both short-term success and long-term impact.

One of my favorite client success stories comes from Boys Town, a nonprofit that acts as a haven of support and safety for at-risk children and their families. Over the last 7 years, Boys Town has more than doubled their fundraising revenue and seen a 50% growth in their donor file. How was this accomplished? There was no “magic pill.” Boys Town’s success came from having a seasoned team who apply the classic direct marketing rigor of understanding what’s working for them, realizing what’s working for others, and testing and applying the learnings, month after month, year after year. Boys Town’s approach is not an anomaly. It’s a smart path to success.

While adapting new technology and new techniques is critical to almost all organizations, the application of “test, learn, apply,” leveraged with unwavering focus, works regardless if the campaign is executed via direct mail, mobile, peer-to-peer, or crowdsourcing.

Most nonprofits are dedicated to making big changes in the world. Let’s never forget that lots of little steps are a good way to get there.

Michelle Watt is a Vice President at Innovairre Communications, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world. For more information about results-based fundraising strategy, contact us at  Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.