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Our fundraising expertise
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At Innovairre, we are finding that one-to-one communication with donors, driven by advanced data analytics and insights, is key to success today. So is being cost-effective.

Stating the obvious, fundraising has changed. There are far more ways for donors to connect, including through numerous digital channels. Big Data, creative innovation and digital printing technology have also opened the door so nonprofits can generate more net dollars after all expenses.

Through our work with more than 500 nonprofits, we understand today’s fundraising challenges. We also understand how to help nonprofits raise near-term revenues and achieve sustainability.

To help nonprofits succeed, we plan, design and produce data-driven, integrated marketing programs, assisting with donor acquisition, conversion and retention, supporting every step of the donor lifecycle.

Using our global reach and world-class, industry-wide expertise, we make sure every campaign gets the attention it deserves, no matter the size. We’ll work closely with you to understand your fundraising goals, key metrics and challenges. We then perform a comprehensive marketing audit or Marketing Audit Program (MAP). The results of this analysis will provide you with valuable insights and unique perspectives on the ‘big picture’ and help guide marketing program details.

We can then provide a wide array of innovative yet proven solutions through a single experienced team.

We can help formulate an annual fundraising plan for:

  • Smart use of advanced data analytics and insights
  • The merging of progressive data strategies and leading-edge technologies
  • Enhanced use of segmentation and personalization to improve donor engagement
  • Purposeful premiums for greater effectiveness and higher response
  • Best practices for copy, design and overall creative
  • Multichannel campaigns that benefit from the synergistic effect
  • Engagement strategies that traverse channels – online and offline
  • Savings opportunities in production, postage and digital communications
  • Test and learn; ongoing program optimization

Marketing Investment
& Projections

Invested in
your success.

Fundraising is one of the largest annual investments nonprofits make. That’s why Innovairre works carefully and collaboratively with our nonprofit partners. Our objective is to create efficient and effective marketing plans that meet your annual funding requirements and support your long-term goals. In doing so, we evaluate which new or proven techniques can be better leveraged to improve your net.

Today’s successful nonprofit marketing plans and projection assumptions often include:

  • Direct mail acquisition and reactivation, coupled with digital retention/engagement strategies
  • Creative design and messaging based on advanced data modeling, targeting and personalization
  • Greater use of digital printing for increased relevancy and response
  • Proven premium techniques for greater response
  • Production and postal logistics optimization

Testing & Optimization

Test for greater net.

At Innovairre, we are firmly committed to the science of fundraising and the use of statistically reliable scientific marketing methods. Nonprofit resources are far too precious to operate any other way.

Despite having insights from thousands of nonprofit programs and hundreds of A/B split tests, we never stop testing. In fact, our Creative Strategy Innovation (CSI)/Marketing Sciences Lab is dedicated to gleaning ongoing aggregate insights from all of these efforts. This enables our nonprofit partners to capitalize on trending strategies, leverage benchmarked data and increase their success rates.

Data-Driven Solutions

Use data to keep donors involved.

To counteract higher postal costs, declining prospect lists and tight budgets – and maximize your net – the aggressive use of advanced data analytics and building precise models are essential.

Today, more data is available than ever before, including demographic, psychographic, behavioral, transactional, structured and unstructured data. We live in the age of Big Data. The challenge for most nonprofits is how to capitalize on Big Data on highly constricted budgets. This is where Innovairre helps. We leverage aggregate and individualized donor insights to enable our nonprofit partners to customize and personalize their communications and better connect emotionally with donors.

Net revenue breakthroughs are more likely to occur when targeted offers and unique packages directly reflect what’s important to donors – insights best gleaned from advanced data analytics techniques. By combining our knowledge and expertise with your fundraising goals, we can use available data from a wide range of donor-related activity to create a road map that will engage donors and deliver superior net results.

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