Multichannel Engagement

Digital Solutions

Make a better
connection digitally.

The world of digital makes giving easier and more accessible – especially for a new generation of donors. Today’s charitable donors are ready to connect with your cause on a variety of media platforms, including mobile, microsites, apps, emails, landing pages, social media, video and more.

Research has proven that online givers are more enthusiastic about the causes they support and their gift amounts tend to be higher than their offline counterparts. But digital means more than just online.

Our experts will tie it all together for you. We know how to communicate digitally to potential donors – including Generation X (20% of total giving), Generation Y (11%), Baby Boomers (43%) and those more mature (26%) – and which channels will work for your nonprofit. We will implement innovative, proven fundraising techniques across all digital and new media channels and integrate those platforms with your existing strategy. Our digital solutions will help you open the door to a whole new segment of donors, broaden your reach and drive a higher net return.

We get digital and sync your direct marketing campaign with compelling online content. Using a multichannel approach, our experts offer complete advisory, technical build-out and performance reporting for expanding your core program with:

  • Interactive campaigns that include QR codes, personalized microsites and landing pages supporting targeted display advertising and retargeting techniques
  • Google Grant application, compliance and maximization
  • Back-end fulfillment and donation processing aligned with your existing database
  • Seamless donor experiences online and off

Digital Printing

From pixels
to print.

We partner with the preeminent leaders and pioneers in the field of digital print technology. Our new generation of digital printers – that are faster, more efficient and used in combination with our progressive data strategies – can handle more than a million digital packages daily and yield greater net for nonprofits by enhancing communication relevancy.

Incremental lifts can be 25% or more.

For nonprofits that have depended on print, digital print technology can be an essential solution to maintain or improve total net from direct mail, while enhancing their emotional connection with donors through labels, letters, newsletters, inserts, notepads and even the outside envelopes.

Digital printing deployment and testing is a must for 2017. If you are not aware of the benefits of today’s data/digital printing technology, we can explain it to you.

Video Production

Lights. Camera. Action!

Video has been shown to improve engagement by more than 150%. Video is becoming one of the most powerful mediums in fundraising. Therefore, naturally, we offer full-service video production capabilities, which include:

  • Pre-production
  • Computer-generated animation
  • Voiceover
  • Personalized content
  • Videography
  • Editing
  • Delivery and distribution

Video testing or expansion is another must for 2017.

Visual Design & Copywriting

When it comes to design, we deliver.

We are committed to the science of accountable marketing. We are also inspired to provide the innovation that enhances donor engagement and contributions. We maintain a marketing sciences lab, Creative Strategy Innovation (CSI), and leverage the learnings of the thousands of campaigns and tests we run every year. Access to these powerful tools enables our designers and copywriters to increase both their success ratios and your net.

Personalization & Segmentation

Get personal.

It’s been said that the sweetest music to anyone’s ears is their own name. That’s a good principle to apply when attracting potential donors.

We offer the only all-digital, all-variable production platform for fundraising campaigns. Our high-efficiency technology unlocks fast, personalized communication with donors from the very start, paving the way for an extensive line of specialized communications, both print and digital.

Here are some ways we get personal:

  • Welcome kits and second gift conversion packages
  • Innovative artwork and copy personalization
  • Real-pen technology for a handwritten approach
  • Targeted approaches for mid-level and high-value donors
  • Design and delivery of back-end premiums
  • Newsletters
  • Notepads
  • Acquisition letters