Premiums & Production

World-class premiums

Suite of Services.

When it comes to premium items, Innovairre is the world’s leading source for nonprofit fundraisers. We offer the world’s widest array of proven, response-generating premiums. Most of these premiums are sourced directly from our Asian operations, eliminating any middlemen and reducing expense. We also offer the insights from thousands of direct mail tests done with premiums, which further enhance your chances of dramatic success.

  • Notepads
  • Religious items
  • Wide array of other proven items, including tote bags, blankets and calculators
  • Cards for all types of holidays and occasions
  • Labels
  • Manufactured items, such as key chains, necklaces and lapel pins

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Direct mail

Get results by being direct.

At Innovairre, even though we produce more than a billion direct mail packages each year, we give each one the highly detailed and individual attention it deserves through powered personalization.

We have it down to a science and know exactly when to add impactful items like lift letters, buck slips and labels. By using insightful personalization, interactive bounce backs, mission-oriented premium items, turnkey back-end offers and unique print treatments, we specialize in developing highly effective, response-generating creative.

We have also built the industry’s leading marketing sciences lab, Creative Strategy Innovation (CSI). CSI analyzes and aggregates learnings from more than 25,000 unique mailings we send every year, providing our nonprofit partners a wealth of insights, benchmark data and trending statistics. This all drives improved response and higher net.

The benefits we offer are not just relegated to our creative prowess and scientific marketing methods. We also help nonprofits benefit from our clout and scale. We have both domestic and international operations, making us the most complete print, personalization, assembly and mail shop production service in the industry.

Some of our services include:

  • Mail Plan Design
  • Creative Design
  • Data Processing and Maintenance
  • Merge/Purge Processing
  • Printing
  • Personalization
  • Mail Shop Services
  • Load Planning/Drop Shipping
  • Commingling and CoPal
  • Internal and External Mail Tracking

While direct mail – and premium-based direct mail – can be expensive, rigorous analysis proves mail is essential for nonprofits. Direct mail remains the most efficient and effective method for acquiring significant numbers of donors and reengaging lapsed donors.

Digital printing

From Pixels to Print.

We partner with the preeminent leaders and pioneers in the field of digital print technology. Our new generation of digital printers – that are faster, more efficient and used in combination with our progressive data strategies – can handle more than a million digital packages daily and yield greater net for nonprofits by enhancing communication relevancy.

Incremental lifts can be 25% or more.

For nonprofits that have depended on print, digital print technology can be an essential solution to maintain or improve total net from direct mail, while enhancing their emotional connection with donors through labels, letters, newsletters, inserts, notepads and even the outside envelopes.

Digital printing deployment and testing is a must for 2015. If you are not aware of the benefits of today’s data/digital printing technology, we can explain it to you.

Genuinely Penned

Give it a personal touch.

Data and digital printing technology enables far greater levels of personalization and relevancy, but to add to communication effectiveness, Innovairre’s Genuinely Penned technology lets you send packages written with a real ballpoint pen for a true sense of authenticity. The lift from this inspired approach is frequently over 100% and has been as high as 500%.

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Production & Delivery

Our production services deliver.

The greatest use of insights and analytics are unimportant if the mail isn’t effectively produced and delivered. At Innovairre, postal specialists take ideas from the whiteboard to the mailbox, staying on top of ever-changing regulations and having viable packaging solutions in place well before the new laws take effect. This dedication to quality means that your campaign takes advantage of commingling, CoPal and drop shipment services linked with advanced logistics planning and every possible postal discount.

Our production process also includes direct sourcing from around the globe and numerous production plants in the U.S. and Asia to ensure the highest effectiveness and efficiency possible.

We also offer the only all-digital, all-variable production platform specifically designed for fundraising – donor renewal in particular. This innovative technology generates fast, personalized communication with donors from the moment they engage with you.

Our fully variable campaign platform includes:

  • Welcome kits and second gift conversion packages
  • Sophisticated artwork and copy personalization designed for your most profitable online channels
  • Our exclusive real-pen technology for specifically approaching mid-level and high-value donors
  • Attention-getting premiums with an integrated design – such as notepads – for back-end delivery
  • Newsletters
  • New donor acquisition communication