Pushing the EnvelopeThat’s what prospects and donors do with most mail – they push the envelope straight into the recycle bin.

It hurts.  You’ve put so much thought into delivering the right message, the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

Studies show that you’ve got 3 seconds MAXIMUM for your solicitation to stand-out in the mail and to stay out of the trash can.  The hard truth is that 75% of the people in your carefully selected audience will throw-away your appeal before they even open it.

They don’t even give you a chance.  They won’t read a word of what you’ve got to tell them.

The problem is that YOUR envelope is sitting in a mailbox with what might be a dozen or so other envelopes from other charities, credit card and utility companies, and circulars.  Then there are the catalogues, the post cards, and magazines.  It’s a crowded stage.

Yes – a stage.  That’s what the mailbox is, isn’t it?  And you need to shine, to dazzle, to stand out.  You’re giving an audition each and every time you send an appeal.  And the stakes couldn’t be higher.  Because you’re trying to further your cause.  You want the donor to give to you – to feed a hungry child, to rescue a homeless animal, to comfort a wounded veteran.

And keep in mind what you already know — There is huge potential for a big payoff on your direct mail investment. “U.S. advertisers spend an average of $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold, giving them a 1,300% return.”

Those are some very serious numbers.  So let’s give that envelope some very serious thought.  Let’s push it a little further.  Let’s get it opened.

But it takes work.  You have got to test.  And testing is a science.  Then you have to test again.  And again.  But that’s the beauty of direct mail.  The numbers don’t lie.

– Innovairre leads the industry in the science and the art of direct mail. Whether it’s a carrier that’s a box, a bag, a bundle… lumpy, oversized, 4-color – we’ll provide one that will burst through the mailbox clutter and compel the donor to open it.  For more information, contact us at Answers@Innovairre.com.