Raising The Next Generation of FundraisersIn support of World Day Against Trafficking in Humans, we revisit a post from 18 months ago that highlighted the efforts of a couple of youngsters who were moved to donate their seed money, time, and talent, to raise funds and awareness in support fellow youngsters a world away.  

January is Human Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month and so it’s a perfect time to share the story of my young daughters who started their own fundraising project to fight against this terrible crime against girls as young as eight years old. I am so proud to be raising the next generation of fundraisers!

This summer, my oldest daughters Evie, 10, and Eden, 9, heard about young girls being sold into sexual slavery in Cambodia and they immediately decided they wanted to do something to help.

Their goal was to raise funds for an organization in Cambodia called AGAPE International Missions (AIM). The nonprofit’s mission is to fight the ground war on sex trafficking which impacts more than 10,000 Cambodian children each year. AGAPE’s projects aim to prevent, rescue, restore and re-integrate these young female victims. My daughters wanted to make a difference for the victims, and they did!

Emptying the Piggy Bank

My children developed their own fundraising strategy. They decided to create bracelets on a loom and sell them in our small community. The project was two fold: raising funds and raising awareness in our community.

They began by “recruiting” a couple of friends to help them make bracelets they could sell to raise funds to donate to AGAPE. They carefully tagged each bracelet with a little hand-made card giving details and info about the organization and its goals.

The girls had to ”empty their ”piggy bank’ to buy materials to create the bracelets and they carefully kept track of each cost and all of the income that came directly from the sale of their bracelets.

One person can make a difference

By the end of the summer, they made about 120 bracelets, which they sold for $.50 (2 Euro) each. They raised about $200, with the help of some generous donors who gave additional contributions. They also raised awareness in our small community.

I could not be more proud of my young humanitarians, and hope that you too will join the fight against human trafficking by learning more about it and sharing what you learn with others.

As my daughters have learned, each of us can make a difference.

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