Its a Small World After All

With 1.2 billion people and 450-500 million in the middle class, India is an emerging global powerhouse.  It is a country like no other.  Yet when it comes to data-driven marketing challenges, India is very much like other global markets.

On Monday, I had the honor to present Innovairre’s data-driven solution set at a DMAi (Direct Marketing Association India) event in Mumbai, India.  Monday’s event attracted the largest crowd for this type of event in DMAi history.  My friend and our partner Rahul Nawab and his team at IQR Consulting were fabulous in driving interest in the presentation.

The discussion at the event was familiar…

  • How do we get our hands on the right data?
  • How should we append it?
  • How do we leverage the data most efficiently?
  • How do we address issues of privacy?
  • How do we operate more effectively in a multichannel world?
  • How do we effectively do attribution across channels?
  • How do we optimize our communications frequency and cadence?
  • How do we better retain our customers and build stronger customer loyalty?

While miles separate people around the world, the issues that unite us – in marketing and in life – are often so much more significant.

With Innovairre launching in India soon — our 28th market — we are overjoyed that we can provide the answers that the 2 million nonprofits in this great country seem to need.

– Don McKenzie is the President & Chief Growth Officer at Innovairre, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world. Don can be reached at