Don & TimothyOn April 11, our first grandchild, Timothy, was born. My wife and I had been looking forward to this day with joyful anticipation for months. But all was not perfect on April 11. There was a complication.

Timothy had a respiratory issue and was moved to a special medical unit for treatment and further observation. Immediately our joy turned to fear. We were expecting to relish in the beauty of birth and experience the elation related to the cycle of life, but suddenly we were overcome with a different feeling — helplessness.

Thoughts swirled around in my head. Is Timothy ok? How is our daughter?

Our daughter and her husband were suddenly left alone in their hospital room unable to fully experience those first moments of tearful joy.

The next 24 hours were stressful for everyone… until we got the call. Timothy was fine. My wife and I hugged each other tightly. A few days later Timothy and our daughter were home.

In a few days, we flew to Texas and met Timothy in person, and our happiness reached new heights. Being a grandfather is simply amazing.

This experience got me thinking. We have been working with March of Dimes for years. We have always been proud of the work they do for babies and their families. But now I’m touched by their contributions at a whole different level.

March of Dimes is a group of unusually dedicated, compassionate people, working to ensure that every baby has a fighting chance. March of Dimes is leading the fight against premature births. They’re the ones that help babies struggling in ICUs. They comfort parents in their time of need. And they inspire millions of people to appreciate these unique challenges. Now I appreciate the wonderful people at March of Dimes — and the work they do — even more.

Thank you, March of Dimes, for helping so many other children flourish and for supporting their families in times of need.

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