twitter bird lounge chair resized shutterstock_117559021As you may know, Innovairre tweets some of the best news and views in the nonprofit space. Here are a few interesting items we found last month:

1. Try these three things to help your NPO successfully adopt new technology. (If Forbes welcome page redirects to home page, enter “nonprofits” in Search box at top right, and click first article in list.)

2. Check out these must-read tips to learn how to make social sites like Reddit, Instagram, and Blab work for your organization.

3. Learn how to take advantage of free tools from Google for Nonprofits that will help you work more efficiently and reach new donors and volunteers.

4. Understand what your metrics really mean, by learning how to speak analytics lingo.

5. Take your website to the next level by integrating these 11 useful functions and platforms.

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