Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Hu Totya via Wikimedia CommonsHu Totya via Wikimedia Commons

The other night, with our clients and friends at RKD, my wife and I attended a gala to honor Jan Scruggs. Jan is an Army vet who founded the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, which built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. Jan felt that the names of those who served in Vietnam should never be forgotten — and he was determined to honor them, so Jan conceived the idea for the wall.  

Jan quit his job and dedicated his life to raising the funds to build the memorial — and he got it done. He, and everyone who supported the endeavor, built an unforgettable monument that now honors 58,307 people who gave their lives — and now each and every one of these men and women will be unforgettable too.

At Innovairre, we support over a dozen nonprofit organizations that serve our veterans and their families. We collaborate with many incredible clients and agencies like RKD to support these important and committed nonprofits. We are so proud to do this work, yet every once in a while, we are reminded of the magnitude of veterans who have served with honor, and the many who made the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life and freedom. Every human being’s contribution should be unforgettable.   

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