codeLast week NonProfit PRO shared a compilation of 80 Nonprofit Trends for 2016.  

Executive Editor Sean Norris explained that the publication “reached out to leaders at nonprofits, agencies, and consulting groups for predictions on what’s in store for the 
coming year.” When asked for our outlook, we concentrated on two important trends: Data/Systems Integration and Mobile Engagement. In case you have not read the recent issue of NonProfit PRO, here is our perspective:

Data/Systems Integration
Historically, nonprofit data and software integration has been laborious and expensive. Separate systems have often been used for CRM, social media, email marketing, volunteer management, crowdfunding, events and other needs. But now, with today’s new holistic platforms, built for the cloud, with cutting-edge technology, nonprofits can streamline operations, improve donor targeting and reduce costs. Today’s nonprofit software platforms act as the central nerve system for operations. The migration to these new platforms—for nonprofits large and small—has begun in earnest over the past couple of years and will surely increase in 2016.

The Mobile Engagement Boom
With the ever-expanding penetration of smartphones around the world, and increased time-spend on mobile devices, mobile engagement will continue its expansion and importance in the nonprofit sector. In 2016, it won’t just be about the growth of responsive design, more use of text messaging and increased video consumed on mobile phones—also look for additional nonprofit organizations to develop apps that take donor involvement to brand new levels.

In addition to these two trends, we’ve also been paying attention to/weighing in on many of the other rapidly advancing developments and perennial practices highlighted in the “80 Trends” list:

Telling a good story (#11), retention over acquisition (#13), sustainer programs (#15), multichannel strategy (#17), digital fundraising (#25) including personalized video and text-to-give (#40), matching gifts (#64), and crowdfunding (#77-80), to name a few!

One trend that’s sure to continue is Innovairre’s commitment to providing progressive solutions and useful information to the nonprofit community.

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