In 2018, many nonprofits are struggling with their fundraising results.

Industry research indicates that 2018 fundraising revenues are down 2.4% and retention is off 4.6%.

To help our clients and the nonprofit community succeed in these challenging times, we have created an informative video that provides 5 fundraising best practices for today’s conditions.

In this video, you will find answers to important questions such as…

In a world of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, what is the right data approach for most nonprofits today?

  • How should “aggregated knowledge” be accessed and leveraged?
  • What is “big creative,” and how should it be applied to fundraising communications?
  • How should the latest in digital print technology be used to improve efficiency and response?

We trust that you will find these insights helpful. Please take a look and share this video with your friends and colleagues who may need a little help. Thank you!