Analytics & Modeling


Nonprofits have it tough. Budgets are limited. Expectations are huge. And there is more data to consider and channels to use. That’s why precision targeting and analytics are fundamental to the services we provide.


To help you achieve better results, our Master Donor File Audit provides data on response rates, ROI, long-term donor value, year-to-year comparisons, testing results, and more. Then we offer deeper insight by using advanced analytics and instinctive fundraising know-how to identify strategies that will maximize your revenue growth.

Machine-Learning Modeling

To give our clients an edge, we pioneered — and now apply — the most advanced modeling techniques: machine-learning models that leverage artificial intelligence. With these models, there is virtually no limitation on the amount of data you can examine — and the insights gleaned are continuously refined and updated.

Applied Learning & Testing

At Innovairre, we leverage insights from thousands of tests and millions of transactions. Our Creative Strategy Innovation (CSI) team synthesizes this information to guide our clients so they can capitalize on emerging trends, leverage benchmarked data, and increase their success rate.

Rigorous Reporting

Our clients benefit from a myriad of reports, including Campaign Evaluations, Weekly Performance Reviews, Fundraising Action Plans, 3-Year Roadmaps, Benchmarking Reports, Donor and Product Scoring, Chronic Non-Responding Scoring, and more.


Innovairre offers a proprietary, cutting-edge, holistic software management platform tailored to meet the unique needs of nonprofits. Our solution, Innovairre MC, is not just a CRM system; it is a robust software solution, built on a social database framework that acts as the central nerve system for your operations.

Think of Innovairre MC as Mission Control, and you’re the Master of Ceremonies. Innovairre MC was designed with an intuitive user interface. Deployment is simple, either with a self-service or supported model. The system is equipped with a complete analytics toolset and superior data visualization. Innovairre MC can handle everything from traditional cash and check-based donations to online interaction such as crowdfunding, peer-to- peer, and mobile engagement.