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Today, September 17, thousands of supporters come together to fundraise for one of the world’s leading autism support charities. Remarkably, the Autism Society’s “Big Give for Autism” event rallies supporters to action entirely in cyberspace. New donors who contribute to the national organization through its inaugural Big Give event will be treated to a multichannel gift acknowledgment and retention program powered by Innovairre’s Donor2 (Donor Squared) platform.

The fundraising challenge: how to rapidly forge lasting connections with thousands of new one-time donors. 

With second-gift rates for new donors hovering around 27 percent, most charities struggle to obtain repeat support. Event-driven fundraising can amplify fundraising challenges. Success stories such as the Ice Bucket Challenge show that online events can be revenue superstars; however, they tend to burn especially bright and fast compared with other fundraising tactics. Creating long-term commitment to the cause is a perpetual challenge for nonprofits investing in new online tactics.

To address the retention challenge head-on, Autism Society sought a donor acknowledgment and loyalty-building strategy that could instantly scale to the success of their online event.

Obtaining future support from new donors takes fast, authentic communications that show donors proof-of-impact.

Autism Society selected Innovairre’s Donor2 platform to automate the process of connecting with new single-gift donors on a deeper level. The process begins with a rapid thank-you campaign, delivered to new donors immediately following the Big Give event. From there, new donors receive several personalized communications through the mail, email, and social media. Each touchpoint builds greater understanding of Autism Society’s impact. The program creates a stronger propensity for repeat giving and post-event engagement.

Like all multichannel approaches, the final results of the Donor2 effort will be measured by long-term metrics, including second-gift rates, cross-channel activity, and social engagement over the next several months. By using Donor2, the Autism Society shows a commitment to investing in its new donors – not just its “top donors.” By doing so, the Society is on track to maximize the efficiency of their online event fundraising investment.

Check back soon for a post-campaign wrap-up. Today you can show your support for the Autism Society’s work by visiting

The Autism Society has a 50-year history of providing services and support to people on the autism spectrum, their families, caregivers, and loved ones.

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