International Cancer Association

  • Doubled the volume of direct mail donations annually
  • Roughly doubled the number of new donors each year for 6 years
  • Transitioned relationship from a prior agency and substantially reduced production costs and fees

U.S. Police Organization

  • Built donor file from scratch to 65,000 names
  • Developed new conversion program resulting in nearly 30% conversion
  • Identified approach to cut acquisition costs in half

U.S. Youth Charity

  • Addressed attrition problem with more efficient/effective direct mail efforts
  • Using personalized, interactive communications — incorporating a variety of mission-specific stories – to improve donor engagement
  • Delivered double digit percentage cost reductions on core packages such as annual calendar, address labels, and bounceback appeals

Animal Humane Organization

  • Maintain a proud, productive ten-year relationship
  • Lifting net revenue and ROI via continuous targeted testing
  • Recent postal solutions helped optimize logistics and reduce costs