Enter to WinThere’s a quote from the late movie mogul, Samuel Goldwyn, which I love: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

This week, America is going berserk over the Powerball lottery. People are lining up around the block to get the chance to win more than one billion dollars. It got me thinking….

Luck is a fabulous thing… when it occurs. Creating a winning direct mail fundraising letter from scratch is amazing… when it happens.

While it might not be a big deal to spend $2 on a lottery ticket, it is a big deal to gamble with your nonprofit’s fundraising results.  

Therefore, I want to encourage you to capitalize on the aggregated insights from hundreds of recent fundraising tests. I think you should consider working with the experts who do more direct mail testing, garner more learning, and win more often. That’s the Innovairre team.  

On Wednesday night, the billion-dollar Powerball drawing will occur. Yet before that ticket is sold, I want to give your NPO the chance to get lucky. All qualified organizations are eligible to receive one of Innovairre’s famous Communications Critiques for free, so they can benefit from the best advice available.

And on top of that, we’ll offer three qualified NPOs a Masterfile Audit, too! This is a $2,500-$5,000 value, depending on your file size, to say nothing of the windfall you’ll realize from the resulting optimization of your program. In this way, we’ll help someone get lucky and smart.

To enter, just let me know. Good luck!  ☺

Don McKenzie is President & Chief Growth Officer of Innovairre Communications, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world. Contact us at Answers@Innovairre.com; subscribe to our newsletter here; and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.