Follow the Money

Are you following the money? Should you?

Savvy investors have a very clear idea of what companies should be doing. Investors are interested in organizations and services that will be far more successful in the future. In the nonprofit sector, that could mean service providers who have innovative solutions in crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, progressive data service offerings, etc.

Nonprofit development directors also have a very clear idea of what they should be doing, but it’s different. They want to raise the most money possible — now. While the new techniques that investors value are important, the majority of donations still come through the well-established technique of direct mail, augmented with the most progressive data targeting and personalization techniques.

So what should you be doing — investing in new strategies or relying on the tried and true? Naturally the answer is both. But how? If it’s helpful, here’s what Innovairre is doing….

We’re pioneering the latest solutions to serve nonprofits better:

  • We spent a couple of years building a holistic software platform that enables nonprofits to easily integrate all operations, techniques, and channels into one, non-siloed environment.
  • We have incorporated crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, and volunteer management into our platform and offering.
  • We have invented new mobile solutions.
  • We’re delivering personalized video.
  • We are helping improve social media engagement and multichannel integration.
  • And more.

But we’ve spent even more time and money ensuring the most important fundraising technique, direct mail, is stronger than ever. That means….

  • We’ve perfected machine-learning modeling and targeting techniques.
  • We’ve enhanced our data and creative sciences capabilities.
  • We’ve invested in cutting-edge digital print technology to deliver the most effective direct mail communications in the marketplace.

So what is the right path to follow for nonprofits in search of funds? Find the balance between today’s and tomorrow’s fundraising techniques. This balance should be good for your balance sheet.

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