Lift Response

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For more than a decade Genuinely Penned technology applies real human handwritten fonts to print communications, using ballpoint pens. These personalized messages radically improve results.

Proven Effective

In thousands of tests, conducted over 10+ years, Genuinely Penned has proven to lift response 200-300% on average. For nonprofits, the technology also increases average gift 10-40% on average.

Builds Relationships

Genuinely Penned personalized messaging can leverage data about each and every mail recipient -- and customize the copy specifically for them. This approach is proven to forge stronger bonds with donors and customers. Suddenly, mass mailings can be transformed into real relationship builders.

For Many Applications

The real pen-writing technology can be applied to outer envelopes, letters, lift notes, post-it notes, brochures, appointment cards, reply cards and other printed materials.

Unparalleled Capabilities

Innovairre maintains the most Genuinely Penned equipment in the business and has the most experience using it, ensuring faster implementation and enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

For Many Verticals

Genuinely Penned has been extensively tested and effectively used in Automotive, Banking/Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Nonprofit and more.

For Profits & Nonprofits

The technology has been aggressively applied by fundraising experts, particularly for acknowledgements, lapsed donors, renewals, and thank you messages. In the for-profit marketplace, Genuinely Penned is frequently used by auto dealerships, insurance brokers, banking/investment professionals, doctors, dentists and more.

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