Today we witnessed a momentous occasion in our country’s history. The inauguration of the 45th president represents a massive amount of change and volatility.

Donald Trump received 46.1% of the popular vote, meaning that slightly more than half of all voting Americans chose someone other than our new president. With this in mind, along with the general feeling of instability, I reflected on this event’s impact on our industry.

There are at least three potential policies or social changes that could have an impact on fundraising and charity:

1. Changes to the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act has altered healthcare since it was enacted in 2010. Changes to this legislation could affect people’s ability to get proper healthcare and increase the need for charitable giving to causes supporting the sector. Obviously, both the possibility of changes and any actual changes to this legislation can be important opportunities for fundraising.

2. Tax reform. One of President Trump’s campaign platforms was tax reform. There has been some discussion that he may alter the requirements for filing an itemized tax return and in doing so potentially alter the incentives of donors who would no longer file an itemized return.

3. Economic and social shifts. As new policies come into effect, different socioeconomic and minority groups could face new challenges and require more support. These changes could pressure charities offering help to those same groups to do even more than they already are. International charities might also want to be more engaged in domestic activities—and leverage that work more emphatically for fundraising.

Of course not everything is going to change. Great people in the nonprofit sector will continue to do important work. Whether it is feeding the homeless, saving animals, searching for cures, or giving to the causes we love — there will always be good in us. Nonprofits that can solve pressing needs — and communicate their work with appropriate emotionality and data-targeting precision — can certainly succeed.

Lastly, rather than fear change and uncertainty, we should view this period as an opportunity. In times of uncertainty, Innovairre is committed to providing charities a sense of stability, just as we have done for the past seven decades. Changes may be coming to America, but with those changes comes the opportunity to fill gaps, solve problems, and do good, just as we always have done.

Mark Schulhof is Chief Executive Officer of Innovairre Communications, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world. Contact us at, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.