Social Media and MultiChannel Engagement


According to the Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s Winter 2015 Report, 73% of charities met their fundraising goals in 2014, 46% of NPOs reported using social media for fundraising, and 79% of those organizations reported an increase in social media fundraising.

To help ensure that more NPOs experience success — and even more important given Facebook’s statement that the changes made to its newsfeed last week could potentially cause post reach and referral traffic to decline — we’re sharing again this blog post from February. I hope it’s helpful.

Social media continues to grow in importance, but most nonprofits haven’t had much success raising funds though social… until now.

Direct mail has historically been the backbone of donor acquisition, but improving direct mail response hasn’t been easy for most NPOs… until now.

Coordinating online and offline marketing activities is proving essential in the commercial world, but fundraisers haven’t generally had a lot of multichannel success… until now.

Fortunately, now you can spice up your direct mail campaign by adding a dash of digital with Innovairre’s Social Synchronization. Let me explain…

If you are like most organizations, you probably have a Facebook page. You probably have hundreds, if not thousands of ‘Likes.’ But how are you turning that engagement into donations? How are you converting from ‘Like’ to ‘LOVE’? Turns out, if you coordinate your direct mail campaign with a well timed flight of Facebook ads, those likes turn to loves by way of increased response rates.

The process is quite simple:

  1. You have a donor file. We have the matching capability to identify who is on Facebook. You make your selection as you normally would and send us the mail file.
  1. We take that mail file and — through our proprietary process — match those donors to their Facebook IDs.
  1. We build an ad to be placed on Facebook, at the same time your mail is making its way into the homes of your donors.
  1. Those Facebook ads generate awareness on the part of the recipients. Through this awareness-generating mechanism, you pre-activate your prospects’ relationship sensors for your organization. This isn’t like normal display advertising… this is much more effective. Unlike traditional display ads, Facebook’s newsfeed ads are better seen and read. The outcome of all of this is clear: coordinating targeted Facebook ads with your mailing lifts mail response.

But wait… there’s more!

Not only does Social Synchronization result in more donors for your charity, it results in online relationship- and brand-building: Your donors ‘Like’ you on Facebook and as a result become more aware of the good you’re doing, because now they’ll receive some of your Facebook posts. It results in the opening of another channel of communication — and multichannel donors are worth almost twice as much as donors who give through a single channel.

Had enough? We’re not done…

Social Synchronization also helps NPOs appeal to younger donors — an essential objective for most charities.

For many fundraisers, talking about their social media and multichannel success in internal meetings and board meetings hasn’t been easy… until now.

– Matt Graham is Chief Technology Officer at Innovairre Communications, which supports more than 500 nonprofit organizations around the world. For more information about successful data strategies, contact us at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.