Plan to Win

Our strategy and agency teams develop fundraising plans that bring together our unique data insights, strategic innovation, production know-how, and a wide array of proven solutions.

Progressive Data Strategies

At Innovairre, data drives decisioning — and these decisions drive fundraising success.

Machine-Learning Models

We pioneered — and have now perfected — machine-learning modeling, which delivers a step-change in performance.

Leading-Edge Technologies

Our team has built and bought cutting-edge technology that improves operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Our unique data expertise, combined with our leading digital print capabilities, enable us to effectively apply hyper-personalization.

ROI-Enhancing Premiums

Innovairre is the worldwide leader in premium production, strategy and use for nonprofits.

Creative Best Practices

Innovairre’s marketing science lab is a leading resource for fundraising insights and case histories.

Engaging video

Videos can improve donor engagement by more than 150%. We are proving video’s growing effectiveness each day.

Digital Printing Leadership

Innovairre maintains the largest digital printing capabilities in the nonprofit sector.

Direct Mail Prowess

We print and mail more than one billion packages a year. You benefit from our expertise and scale.

Improved logistics

With direct sourcing, numerous production facilities, and advanced logistics experts, we save our nonprofit partners time and money.

Digital Marketing

We help create and lead mobile, social, display, search, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer activities and more.

Advanced Analytics

Our team of experts provide ongoing insights as to what works and why – and how to move forward.